Geeks who drink! !!!!!!

Im pretty excited about monday should be loads of fun. I get keyed up about the drinking part…. steven has a new friend and is going to city base alot with her…. flying tiger? Maybe I’ll join soon.sounds like a good place… i almost met up with them last night…. im okbwith being a third [...]

I’m congested…. This blows

So, I’m guessing it’s the mountain cedar. The holidays were pretty good. We got the kids what they wanted and New Years was a slightly drunken. My thoughts on her are diminishing which is a good thing. Monday is my little girl’s birthday. I’m thinking about taking the day off and spending it with her. [...]


Starting over. This sucks. So saturday was crazy… went to two Christmas parties. Got an erector set! 5 models in one!!!! Insanity. My wife and I split up for the night… she went with her friends I went with mine. She got to see vaden todd lewis. I went to a party and had flaming [...]

some boys are hairier than others

As I get older, I tend to look back at some of my relationships and I think to myself, “in hindsight, I shouldn’t have done that, I shouldn’t have said that. I shouldn’t have thought that, I shouldn’t have been mad”

Love may tear you apart

our topic of conversations are usually the silent ones where she looks at me and I can’t stand it, so I look away, usually down, and I give a quick smile, but quick enough so she won’t see it, so she wont know she can do that to me.