some boys are hairier than others

As I get older, I tend to look back at some of my relationships and I think to myself, “in hindsight, I shouldn’t have done that, I shouldn’t have said that. I shouldn’t have thought that, I shouldn’t have been mad

maybe in a few minutes, I’ll think, “in hindsight, I shouldn’t have regretted that

in one of my relationships, my insecurities and dramatic pissiness showed really quick when I found out thru a mutual girlfriend what my then girlfriend told her about us.

girlfriend: “my ex is hotter than him, he’s built. his body is smooth. Steven is just so hairy. but man, (her ex) has nothing on him on sex. Steven can fuck.”

this led me to confront my then girlfriend and put our mutual friend on the spot, which thenĀ  I proceeded to talk about everything I found imperfect on her.

she didn’t like it:

girlfriend: “you’re a mean person”

wait, so she can do it, but not me?

girlfriend: “you’re doing this out of spite”

Since then I’ve learned, well, I’ve tried to, not get as pissy. Talking with girlfriends while out and about has taught me that girls talk a lot of shit, and not in a bad way, but they seem to tell everything, lots of specifics.

a girl friend: “that guy had a huge dick, but he didn’t know how to use it. it was a shame.”

another girlfriend: “that guy I was dating is old. look at this pic. he looks oooold. I keep this pic around so in case I miss him, I pull it out and feel better.”

a kiss and overly tell?

my kiss and william tells are short and to the point:

my friend: “so did you fuck her?”

me: “yeah”

my friend: “cool.”

as I open a bottle of ale, I’m wondering, well, writing, what have girls said about me? I think I’d like to know.

my friend: “the guy I was with for a bit, I saw his body and he was smooth. hot, but then he turned around and he had back mullet. hah. it sucked cause he would shave to get smooth and when it would grow, he had little pricklies. when id be laying next to him, his pricklies would bother me. I finally told him, ‘are you going to fucking do something about this? they pica’”

well, maybe I don’t want to know.